ed torrelles

‘i don’t hold with paddlin’ with the occult,’ said Granny firmly. ‘Once you start paddlin’ with the occult you start believing in spirits, and when you start believing in spirits you start believing in demons, and then before you know where you are you’re believing in gods. And then you’re in trouble.’ ‘But all them things exist,’ said Nanny Ogg. ‘That’s no call to go around believing in them. It only encourages ‘em.’
Granny Weatherwax

Portfolio of Visual Artist

Painting, Illustration and sketches
Skills: Graphic Design, Web Design & Development, Seo, Web & Social Strategy. Programs: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Komodo. Languages: html, html5, css, Javascript, jQuery, Xml, Json, PHP, Actionscript, MySql. ed@edtorrelles.com

Red Rudolf

Mad applications for mobile and tablets.